Nanum JungHagSaeng

Nanum JungHagSaeng (나눔손글씨 중학생) is a free Korean handwriting that was created together with Clova AI. The AI has created more than 100 handwriting fonts, in this particular font, the handwriting resembles a middle school handwriting styles. The AI tool was being used to study the human handwriting using just a small subset of characters. Through OCR and image generation technology, the AI is able to recognise the handwriting and analyse its characteristics and styles then output the complete character set based-on the pre-learning model.

It is quite impressive that through technology, we are able to turn real human handwritings into fonts. The font is free to download and be used on personal and commercial projects.


  • Free for personal and commercial projects
  • Resale and redistribution is probihited


Font Download Page

To download, visit the page above. The page is in Korean and there is no permanent link to the font. The best way is to scroll all the way down to load all the fonts, then use browser search function to search keyword “중학생”, it should bring you to the font. Hover the font to reveal the download button (with the down arrow icon) as shown below.

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